How to Order

How to Order

Browse by the main navigation menu (MEN, WOMEN, BOYS, GIRLS) to find your choice each style categories or sub-categories to select to purchase in YOURADAMS.

Your choices items will be show on the page.

If you get more details please click on that items or view option to get more details about item description, product information, etc..

If you ordered any clothing, you have must select to specify the size and specify the color per clothing.

Select to specify the size and specify the color of that item and press the "ADD TO CART" button to add the item to your cart bag. A system generates a message and it wills pop-up then your product successfully added to your cart bag. From there you can also finalize your shopping and go for CHECKOUT or else you can also continue shopping. Your continue shopping will be taken same process to added cart bag and cart bag will be show all pages. If you go to CHECKOUT , it will take you for final checkout page.

If you want to buy Only one product then select to specify the size and specify the color of that item and press the "BUY NOW" button to final checkout page.

On your final checkout page, you will see the status of your shopping or order (total items, total quantity, total amount and Etc,,) From there you can add/less (Quantity) and also Remove an item which you decided not to buy or add quantity to buy. In this page, if you want to continue shopping, please click on "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button. If is that OK, please click on "GO TO CHECKOUT" button for Shipping and Billing information entry page. (If you are not yet registered, you can register yourself).

On Shipping and Billing information page.. you have to enter your information (NAME, EMAIL, CONTACT DETAILS), Billing address & Shipping address for shipment and then choose payment method and Also select (Terms & Conditions and Policy) icon for placing Order.

When you placed Order a system generated message and receipt will be send in your contact number and email.